Erin Bertrand

Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Marine Microbial Proteomics, Dalhousie University

Erin started her position in the Biology Department at Dalhousie in 2015.   Before joining the faculty at Dal, she completed her PhD in the Woods Hole Oceanographic/ MIT Joint Program in Chemical Oceanography and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the J. Craig Venter Institute.

Contact: erin.bertrand(at)
Office: LSC Biology 5089

Graduate Students

J. Scott McCain, PhD Student

Research Assistants

Carolyn Kachuk

Tor Kitching

Honours Students 

Hugo Arriojas

Megan Roberts



 Rebecca Aucoin, honours student 2016

Becca's honours thesis involved identifying peptide biomarkers for diagnosing  thiamine deprivation in picoeukaryotic phytoplankton


Meghan Chen, honours student, 2016

Meghan's honours thesis involved quantifying cobalalmin demand in picoeukaryotic phytoplankton